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The Art of Herbert Paus - Standard Edition


HERBERT PAUS is known best today for his faultless draftsmanship, his sense of design, and his brilliant use of color in his long-running series of covers for Popular Science magazine. He was a member of the government’s committee on pictorial publicity during World War I, and painted many effective  posters to support the war effort. The success of these widely seen posters lead to commissions from such publications as Woman’s Home Companion, American Magazine, Collier’s and many others, as well as outstanding book illustrations for Maurice Maeterlinck’s play “Betrothal” as told for children entitled Tyltyl and more. Paus also painted for such advertisers as Hart Schaffner & Marx, Goodyear, General Motors, Certain-teed, and Victor Records. This new book presents a comprehensive overview of Paus' illustrious career, featuring scores of illustrations reproduced from original paintings as well as rare tear sheets and photographs. 224 pages, 9"x12", full color, hardbound.

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