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Shannon Stirnweis: 80 Years Behind the Brush—Special Edition

LIMITED! This Special Edition is presented in a red slipcase, and features an illustrated insert bookplate signed and numbered by artist Shannon Stirnweis. 

Born in 1931, Shannon Stirnweis has had a long and varied career as an illustrator and fine artist. He began producing  black and white illustrations for men's adventure magazines in the '50s, eventually doing color covers for many publications. He soon progressed to the slicks, and did work for Argosy, Field and Stream, Outdoor Life, Boy's Life, Reader's Digest, Show, Popular Mechanics, Time, American Legion, Guidepost, and many others. At the same time, he illustrated postage stamps, movie posters, paperback covers, as well as over 35 children's books. This volume is a retrospective of Shannon's work, and presents pieces from each stage of his extensive career, annotated with revealing commentary from the artist. 

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