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Masters of American Illustration - Standard Edition

LAST ONE LEFT. This will not be reprinted. 

From 1989 to 2001, author Fred Taraba was a regular contributor to the popular graphic arts magazine Step-By-Step Graphics (no longer in production.) His column, "Methods of the Masters," documented the lives and working methods of some of America's finest Golden Age illustrators. While a number of other writers contributed to the regular column, Fred himself wrote 41 installments.

This book is a compilation of those 41 classic articles, which have been extensively reworked and revised with completely new artwork especially prepared for this volume. Featuring 41 of America's greatest illustrators, this book is a showcase for hundreds of reproductions of original paintings, photographs and vintage printed ephemeral materials. Each artist's life and career is discussed, and their working methods are described in detail. This book is a modern classic, and belongs on the bookshelf of every serious student of American illustration history.

A massive 432 pages printed in full color on high quality paper. 9x12 inches. Hardcover with dust jacket.


ARTISTS FEATURED INCLUDE: Constantin Alajalov, McClelland Barclay, Walter Baumhofer, Harry Beckhoff, Rudolph Belarski, Wladyslaw T. Benda, Walter Biggs, Franklin Booth, Austin Briggs, Arthur William Brown, Margaret Brundage, Charles Livingston Bull, Gilbert Bundy, Pruett Carter, Matt Clark, Walter Appleton Clark, Will Crawford, F.O.C. Darley, Joe DeMers, Albert Dorne, Robert Fawcett, James Montgomery Flagg, John Gannam, Edwin Georgi, Earl Oliver Hurst, John LaGatta, Andrew Loomis, Orson Lowell, Neysa McMein, Wallace Morgan, Rose O’Neill, Herbert Paus, Edward Penfield, Coles Phillips, Garrett Price, Norman Price, Mead Schaeffer, Alice Barber Stephens, Saul Tepper, Jon Whitcomb, and Coby Whitmore.