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Coby Whitmore: Artist and Illustrator—Publisher's Edition

With every book I publish, I create a very small number of "Publisher's Editions" – books that are signed but not numbered (marked with a "P" instead of a number) presented in a slipcase. I give these to family and friends, and usually keep the rest in my archive. Only 20 copies of these "P" editions are made for each book I release. Due to the number of requests I've received for Special Editions (which are now sold out), I have decided to sell a few of these "P" editions from my stash.

This edition features a full-color bookplate signed by Daniel Zimmer, marked with a "P" instead of a number, and is presented in a green slipcase.

For over 30 years, Coby Whitmore's elegant and fasionable illustrations graced the pages of almost every major American magazine. Sophisticated, with imaginative compositions, brilliant use of color,  superb draftsmanship, and good taste, his pictures represented the "Good Life." They were also notable for their glamorous women. Of all of the "boy/girl" artists working in those days, none were more admired or imitated than Coby Whitmore. This sumptuous new volume presents over 300 illustrations, is 224 pages long, and is filled to the brim with scores of beautiful illustrations reproduced from the original paintings, rare photographs, and published tear sheets. 

224 pages, 9x12 inches, hardcover with jacket & green slipcase. $64.95 (U.S.)

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